One Kit.
Two Lives.
Two Years.

Empowering and educating communities to repair their mosquito nets.

About Repairing Hope

At Repairing Hope, we're on a mission to empower communities across Africa in the fight against malaria. Through our innovative approach, we provide repair kits that enable individuals to mend torn mosquito nets, extending their lifespan and protection against malaria for up to two years. But our impact goes beyond distributing kits; we're building a community of support and empowerment. Partnering with organizations, we assemble these kits, fostering connections and solidarity among those dedicated to our cause. Through ongoing research, we ensure the efficacy of our efforts, combining optimism with scientific rigor to drive sustainable change. Join us in our mission to make malaria history, one repaired net and one empowered community at a time.

What We Do

Distributing Kits

At Repairing Hope, we distribute mosquito net repair kits across Africa, empowering individuals to mend torn nets and protect against malaria for up to two years. Through this initiative, we provide both immediate relief and long-term resilience against the disease, fostering healthier communities.

Partnering with Local Organizations

Repairing Hope collaborates with local organizations to manufacture mosquito net repair kits, engaging community members in the assembly process. This partnership fosters community engagement and empowerment, extending the impact beyond simple distribution.

Conducting Research

In addition to our field initiatives, Repairing Hope conducts research to demonstrate the effectiveness of our repair kits in preventing malaria transmission. Through rigorous studies and data analysis, we contribute valuable insights to the global effort to combat malaria, combining optimism with scientific rigor to drive meaningful change.

Research Timeline